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08 December 2018 14.00 -
Zemin Kat Havuz Önü

Time to laugh with Mesut Süre

Mesut Süre, a comedian and radio DJ who is also known for his mini performances in ‘Güldür Güldür’ show, will be on stage at Akbatı Shopping Mall on December 8, Saturday. Having presented shows at various radio stations for the last 10 years, Mesut Süre is currently presenting “Rabarba” show at Virgin Radio in addition to starring at “İlişki Testi” show which gets tens of thousands of hits on YouTube every day. The famous comedian and presenter will stage his one-man show, “Siz Hepiniz Ben Tek”, at Akbatı Shopping Mall. Akbatı visitors are invited to the show which will be staged free of charge in front of the pool at ground floor at 14:00.