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Akkok Ethics

In order to enhance our Group's commitment to ethical values and transparency, an Ethics Hot Line has been established. This is designed to provide a trusted environment where our employees, suppliers, customers and any stakeholders can comfortably share any concerns or ethical issue with peace of mind.

Our group is committed to core values such as honesty, justice, and respect, as we demonstrate in our Akkok Group of Companies Business Ethics Principles. Therefore, we strive to work on our commitment to our ethical values by collaborating and supporting each other.

Our Ethics Hotline provides a reliable mechanism to address any ethical issue. All notifications will be kept confidential and duly investigated. Akkok Holding Ethics Committee is in charge of reviewing and investigating of all ethical notifications. Management of Ethics Hotline processes is carried out by KPMG, an independent and reliable company.

Please feel free to use our Ethics Hotline to share your concerns and suggestions. We want to create a stronger working environment and protect ethical values.

You can send your questions and notifications to Akkok Holding Ethics Committee through the following channels:

Phone: +90 850 202 66 15