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Realized by Akiş Gayrimenkul Yatırım Ortaklığı A.Ş. in Bahçeşehir, Istanbul, Akbatı has been designed to offer a brand new shopping mall experience to its visitors with its unparalleled architectural design, powerful brand mix and conversations and events appealing to interests from all walks of life.

It provides services to its visitors with almost 200 stores, 9 movie theatres, world cuisine restaurants, children’s playgrounds and training fields as well as an indoor parking lot of 3000 automobiles.

Akbatı is distinguished for its indoor landscaping areas and wide spaces designed to maximize the effect of daylight in order to offer a truly comfortable shopping experience to the visitors.

Akbatı combines the most selective examples of world cuisine in the Restaurants Avenue while offering social spaces to enable its visitors to give pleasant break to shopping.

One of the most important factors that distinguish Akbatı from its competitors is the Festival Park with a seating capacity for 7,000 spectators. The cultural events, concerts and festivals organized in Festival Park have already positioned Akbatı Shopping Mall as a meeting and socialization venue for people of all ages.