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  • Tax-Free Refund

    Easy point which is located on the minus 1 floor, provides tax refunds for foreign guests and Turkish citizens who live abroad.

  • Easy Point

    Easy Point, which provides convenience in your online shopping with its Click & Collect and Returned Product service, It provides service at the -1st Floor Information Point.

  • Pet Strollers

    You can receive pet strollers and boxes free of charge from the Akbatı Shopping Center Information Point.

  • Baby Carriage Service

    You may borrow a baby carriage free of charge from the Concierge at Akbatı Shopping Mall.

  • Baby Care and Breastfeeding Room

    There is a baby care and breastfeeding room on each floor.

  • Information

    Our personnel will be on duty at the Concierge Desk on -1 floor every day from 10.00 to 22.00 in order to answer your questions.

  • Children’s Toilet Service

    There are specially designed children’s toilets for the comfort of your children.

  • Disabled Vehicle Subscription System Service

    The parking lot offers a special subscription system for the disabled visitors.

  • E-Charging Unit

    As an environmentally friendly property, Akbatı Shopping Mall provides 10 E-Charging Units which you can find from " outdoor parking" and " P1 indoor parking" areas.

  • Services for Patient and Disabled Visitors

    We offer wheel chairs for our patient and disabled visitors and there is 1 toilet for special needs on each floor making 4 special toilets in total.

  • Prayer Room for Female

    Prayer room for female visitors is open to service when the shopping mall is open. The prayer room for the female visitors is located on ground floor.

  • Prayer Room for Male

    Prayer room for male visitors is open to service when the shopping mall is open. The prayer room for the male visitors is located on first floor.

  • Free Wi-Fi

    Akbatı Shopping Mall provides free Wi-Fi services to its visitors.

  • Shopping Mall Navigation System

    Our visitors can easily find the stores they are looking for from the navigation section of the Akbatı Mobile Application and the routing kiosks without wasting time.

  • Turkcell Dream Partner

    Visually impaired visitors may upload the Dream Partner (Hayal Ortağım) application to their phones in order to find the stores inside Akbatı easily.