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27.07.2018 – 11.08.2018 21:00 -
Festival Park

Akbatı Outdoor Cinema

Joy of outdoor cinema at Akbatı Festival Park

Visitors of Akbatı have enjoyed the long summer nights by watching movies in Festival Park. Movie nights were held at 21:00 every Friday and Saturday from July 27 till August 11 in order to provide the visitors with the opportunity to watch the prominent movies of the year on green meadows.

Outdoor movie nights were held at Akbatı Festival as a summer classic. Summer nights were enlivened with movies which were displayed for adults on every Friday and for kids on every Saturday between July 27 and August 11.

The first movie to be displayed on July 27, Friday was ‘Aile Arasında’, the blockbuster Turkish movie, which was followed with ‘Starwars’ and ‘Arif V 216’ respectively. Meanwhile, ‘Coco’, ‘Masha and the Bear’ and ‘Paddington’ were displayed for kids.